Book Press... June 02 2013

I've been looking for a book press for quite sometime now.  My mom had one that was pretty neat, but unfortunately she left it in her car park at her condo, and someone helped themselves to it.  I've lamented it's loss ever since.  On my quest to have one of my own I was thwarted by their price.  I didn't realize how collectible they were until I saw them pop up in decorating magazines and just this morning saw that Restoration Hardware had knocked one off for sale in their catalog!  

This lovely press was purchased at an outdoor antiques show in CT.  It was love at first sight with it's green paint and the ease with which you can turn the crank to move the plates up and down.  While I have no idea how to do book binding- yet- but I am eager to learn.  Until then, it will sit in my studio for me to admire and to use for small tasks in my card making.

It does look pretty good in my garden too!