Miss Pearl and Marie Antoinette..... February 04 2014

Last weekend brought some new additions to the letterpress studio.  Miss Pearl- a 1913 Golding Pearl floor press and a huge guillotine paper cutter- let's call her Marie Antoinette (we all know her fate).  Both of which are still on the ground level of our barn.  The first order of business is to do a little restoration project on the press.  She needs to be taken apart, cleaned, painted and gotten upstairs in pieces.  There is less to do with the paper cutter but she also needs to be taken apart for the climb upstairs.

I had been searching for a Golding Pearl for a while.  I love the Golding presses, they have a certain flair about them.  They are also not nearly as huge and as the Chandler and Price presses a lot of people have.  They certainly would not make it to the second floor.  The Pearl is a dainty 600 pounds compared to the 1200+ pound C&P floor presses. 

Then I need to learn how to use them!  The press has a motor which is a little daunting but I am sure that I can just spin the fly wheel until I get some experience with how to use the press.