The latest in Green Cleaning Products... June 09 2013

While I really do not like to clean and frankly I'm not very good at it (just ask my husband)- I do like cleaning products.  Not any cleaning product will cross my threshold though.  They have to be all natural and smell really yummy to make me want to clean.  A little olfactory tease to get me motivated to drag out that sponge!  I'd been seeing two such lines lately that were green, natural and not tested on animals.  Great packaging is also a plus!  Common Good and Murchison-Hume are the two lines we now add to Caldrea (also great by the way).

Common Good soaps are made in Brooklyn NY and are biodegradable, chemical free and use pure essential oils to fragrance their line.  We chose to bring in the lavender scent to start in the plastic bottles. Lavender is always a popular scent and this one is pure lavender not jazzed up with any other scent.  The packaging is also great- the fact that the owners are former stylists shows in their quirky cool designs.

 The other line that we have is Murchison-Hume.  A very sophisticated line of cleaning products.  Murchison-Hume is also plant based and all natural.  They use a colloidal technology that is very cool and speaks to the scientist in me.  Here, micelles (which are little lipid sphere's) encapsulate dirt and allow it to be cleaned away.  It's the same technology that they use to clean oil spills in the ocean (but a smaller scale of course).

The fig scent was so addictive that I had to have it! The Boys Bathroom Cleaner was a thrill to find since I hate the way bathroom cleaners smell and this one not only worked but smelled great!  I rushed it right home and cleaned the bathroom!  We also have the superlative hand soap, and soon heirloom dishwashing liquid and counter cleaner

I love the packaging of the Murchison-Hume soaps too.  Very different than the Common Good line but remind me of old apothecary bottles.  


Either line would make a good addition to your cleaning regimen!