The printing studio.... July 25 2013

I have yet to really tell you about my letterpress business called Green Grape Press.  I've grown up surrounded by letterpress- I mean literally- my mom was a avid printer.  She printed from the time she was 8 years old until 3 weeks before she died.  She was the best at setting type and making linoleum cuts.  I have a children's book that she wrote, illustrated with her lino cuts, set all the type for the text and printed in multiple colors.  It's amazing and I will share a picture sometime.  She also made a lot of business cards, stationery, wedding invitation etc.  Pretty much anything anyone wanted.  When mom was sick she gave me some printing lessons which were invaluable to my new found hobby as a printer.  She commented that "had she known I would be such a good student she would have taught me years ago".  I hope that she would be proud of my efforts thus far!

It did take me quite a few years to get set up (like 4!).  I had all the presses, printing blocks (called cuts or dies) in storage awaiting the day when I could have a studio.  Well, now I have the studio and the presses are all set up, inks and cuts sorted, nice paper and I'm really going to town cranking out cards, bags, coasters and cocktail napkins.  I did buy myself a new tabletop press- a Golding Official No. 4, which is just perfect for high quality but small scale printing.  It's just perfect for what I need.  I put the old press in the shop window so I could better explain the process of letterpress.  It's far more complicated than rubber stamping, which was the comment I was getting quite often.  Not that rubber stamps are bad but there is more to letterpress.....

From the pictures you can see the cuts/dies locked into the chase that use for the cards.  Then a picture of the printed card. 



I was lent a wonderful old Typewriter to make labels for my packaging.  Eventually I will have a plate made with Green Grape Press but until then I like the quirky hand made editions.

Recently, I've made some coasters with anchors.  These paper coasters are really great and can be used over and over again!

I am also able to do custom work should anyone be interested!

- N