Christophe Pourny Furniture Care May 09 2014

We have always sourced great cleaning products at Weekend Kitchen.  With all natural, hard working and nice smelling products from Murchison Hume, Common Good and Caldrea- it seemed a natural fit to bring in Christophe Pourny Furniture Care products as well.  

These wonderful products are made by hand in small batches (our favorite kind of product) in Brooklyn NY.  For wood furniture there is the furniture tonic and a color reviver.

The Furniture Tonic nurtures wood as it restores the luster and shine that time and sun can diminish. The tonic is made from natural, non-toxic ingredients that are friendly to the environment and sourced in North America. Organic Linseed and Walnut Oils are natural cures for wood worn by time. Essential oils and beeswax are added to every bottle, as well as a natural cleanser and drying agent.

The Color Reviver adds a boost to furniture finish.  Reviving aged and worn finishes - or enhancing new items - the reviver will refresh dark wood finishes. Going one step further than CP classic furniture tonic, CP Color Reviver will HIDE NICKS & SCRATCHES with one application. All natural ingredients are as kind to the environment as they are to your furniture. Organic and virgin oils, sourced from North American seeds go into every batch, mixed by hand. Essential oils of Lavender and Rosemary give every bottle a scent of provence. A natural drying agent derived from trees ensures a lasting finish.

Do you have a leather chair, shoes or handbag that is thirsty for moisture?  The leather creme is just what they need. It will clean,moisturize, and shine leather with added benefit of protecting from stains and water.

Made from pure Beeswax, Organic carnauba wax and natural Essential oils.   Leaves a desirable scent and avoids the "shoe polish smell"  on sophisticated items like leather bags, furniture, or articles of clothing.  Apply evenly with a clean rag. Allow product to penetrate before buffing back to a light shine.  To achieve a matte finish, do not buff.  Sold in 2.0 oz Glass Jars.