Nancy Kirkiles-Smith, PhD


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Nancy Kirkiles-Smith, PhD is the owner of Weekend Kitchen and a Research Scientist at a small biotech start-up company in CT.  Nancy holds a PhD is Nutritional Biochemistry studying the nutritional activity of the plant pigments called carotenoids and other antioxidants. She did her post-doctoral work in Immunobiology at the Yale School of Medicine where she managed a large academic laboratory.

Nancy also holds is a certification of Integrative Health and Wellness Coaching from Duke University and a Harvard Medical School and Spaulding Hospital certified Culinary Health Education Fundamentals (CHEF). She also has completed a 9-month Professional Plant-Based Chefs course through Rouxe.  She feels that optimal health is linked to the foods that you eat and other lifestyle choices.  Her classes focus on healthy mostly plant-based menus.  

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