Emily Florentino


Emily Florentino has been cooking and sharing her plant-based recipes for nearly ten years.  A researcher by nature - she earned a Ph.D. in the History of Art from Yale in 2004 - she has accumulated a wealth of knowledge about nutrition and health.  The unique flavors of her recipes derive from a childhood in Egypt and travels abroad, time with her extraordinarily talented mother in the kitchen, and a genuine love and appreciation of organic, seasonal food.  The simplicity and accessibility of these creations have made them favorites among family and friends - most of whom are adamantly NOT vegan.

Emily lives and cooks endlessly but happily in Essex with her omnivore husband, (mostly) vegetarian daughter, and a sweet cat named for an equally sweet Egyptian dessert, Basbousa.  She is currently teaching the Farm to Table for Kids classes at White Gate Farm - a program she began with Pauline Lord in 2015.  One day, her website, food blog, and cookbook, Three Green Plates, will be more than wishful thinking.

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