7/27 Basque Country Cookery


Basque Country Cookery

Saturday July 27th, 6:30 to 10:00PM

Chef Kathleen Benjdid

The Spanish Basque Country comprises an approximately 100 miles stretch of land between two nations on the Atlantic coast from Bilbao Spain in the north to Bayonne France in the south. Here lies the ancient free-spirited land of the Basque people.  The food of the Basque Country, reflective of it's people, has a spirit of its own. In this class Chef Kathleen Benjdid will take us on a culinary journey to introduce us to this amazing region of the world.  As with all Kathleen's classes a little food and a lot of history makes for a magical evening.


  • Mixed local greens with a house-made traditional Basque dressing
  • Roasted chicken with bell peppers, onions & tomatoes cooked to perfection with white wine and chorizo sausage served over saffron rice  
  • Intxaursaltsa- A traditionally Basque walnut pudding
  • BYOB

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