6/15 Fermented Summer Fun: Gut healthy recipes for optimal health


Fermented Summer Fun: Gut healthy recipes for optimal health

Wednesday June 15, 6:30- 9:30PM

Terry Walters

 In this twist on our fermentation workshops we will focus on some fun ferments for the summer!  Fermented foods are the best for our gut health- maybe the most important and overlooked part of your body.  The microbiome drives everything from your weight to your mood.  We are learning more and more about what the microbiome does all the time! 

In this class Terry will bring a number of pre-made ferments for us to enjoy during the evening while we make our own ferments to take home and nuture.  

  1. Make-and-take beet kvass. 
  2. Make-and-take Salsa Verde: Together we’ll make Roasted chile Sweet Potato and Black Bean burritos 
  3. Make-and-take Fermented Dilly Beans
  4. Make-and-take pineapple hot sauce: We’ll make pineapple chile margarita mocktails

We encourage but not require you to bring your own bottles – If you are anything like me you have a collection of bottles just waiting for a purpose!  You will need 2 quart size (for kvass and pineapple hot sauce), 1 pint size for salsa verde, and a ½ pint for dilly beans. They just have to be washed but not sterilized.  It's always nice to be able to reuse something!  

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