5/18 Eat the Colors of the Rainbow


Eat the Colors of the Rainbow!  

Friday 5/18, 6:30 to 10:00PM

Chef Jennifer Magrey

The healthiest way to eat is to get all the colors of the rainbow into your diet.  I don't mean by eating a box of lucky charms- they are all colorful!  In this nutritious and delicious class we will learn to make low fat and healthy fruit and vegetable appetizers and sides for all your summertime parties!


  • Red- Roasted beet hummus with homemade pita
  • Orange- Sweet potato stackers with coconut and pecans
  • Yellow- Chicken and Elote Salad (Mexican roasted street corn with chicken)
  • Green-Spinach and green onion basmati rice
  • Blue- Blueberry crumble
  • Violet- Thai sesame red cabbage salad
  • BYOB


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