5/1 Get Saucy!- Zoom


Get Saucy!  Learn the 5 classic French Mother Sauces

Chef Jennifer Magrey by Zoom  

Sauce makes everything taste better! The art of making sauce and being able to adapt that basic "mother" sauce to yield other "daughter" sauces will take your cooking to the next level!  

Mother Sauces – Learn about the 5 French Mother Sauces and we will create three of them right in your home during the live class. Learn about the proper techniques to make these mother sauces and a couple variations to produce different sauces, or “daughter sauces”, from these original classically prepared sauces. This is great way to learn and create delicious sauces to open up a world of creative dishes from your kitchen.

Chicken Poulette - Mother sauce called Allemande is turned into poullette sauce with the addition of mushrooms and lemon juice. Served over seared chicken breast.

Steamed Spring Asparagus with classic Hollandaise sauce
Béarnaise sauce - with veggies, chicken, eggs, and especially a great steak!

Béchamel Sauce - great for veggies, egg noodle dishes, in lasagna, and moussaka and more!
Mornay Sauce- we will take béchamel sauce and create a great mornay sauce for a baked Mac and Cheese


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