4/16 The Power of Fermentation with Terry Walters- Updated!


The Power of Fermentation

Tuesday April 16th, 6:00 to 9:00PM

Terry Walters

Fermented foods are wonderful additions to a healthy diet.  They help keep your gut flora (microbiome) happy and in tune with you.  A flora that is unbalanced could potentially lead to health issues while a happy gut will help keep you in tip top shape.  In this workshop we will make a few of our favorite ferments to start and take home.  We will also make some delicious recipes that you can make at home with your new found love of fermented foods.  Please join Terry as she introduces us to this very important and fascinating topic. 

Cultivating Nutrition, Taste and Good Health
This hands-on fermentation workshop will empower you with knowledge and know-how to make fermented foods part of your daily ritual. Known to improve taste, increase nutrients, and support a strong immune system, fermentation has been used for centuries as a sustainable and delicious way to preserve the harvest and sustain good health. Participants will learn a variety of approaches to fermenting seasonal produce and will make and take multiple ferments home with them:


Sauerkraut (make-and-take)- Crazy Collard Green Wraps (with Spicy Peanut Kraut filling) - eat in class

Kimchi (make-and-take)-

  • Kimchi Artichoke Dip - eat in class
  • Pan-seared Kimchi Dumplings

Kombucha (make-and-take) 

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