11/18 Thanksgiving with a Twist


Thanksgiving with a Twist

Saturday November 18th, 6:30 to 10:00PM

Chef Jeanine Kelly

Ah. the holidays... a time for feasting and traditions.  This year, chef Jeanine Kelly will mix it up a bit with a new twist on the standard recipes.  This menu looks amazing and these recipes may become your new favorites!

  • spicy honey roasted sweet potatoes with tahini drizzle and sprinkled with pomegranates 
  • gremolata green beans 
  • brown butter mashed potatoes 
  • Grilled Thanksgiving turkey
  • Turkey gravy 
  • Ciabatta and sausage stuffing 
  • candied ginger cranberry sauce 
  • pumpkin pie milkshake 
  • apple gingerbread cake 
  • BYOB

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