1/17 Highclere Castle Gin Cocktails- Revisit Your English Classics


Highclere Castle Cocktails – Revisit Your English Classics!

Friday 1/17 6:30PM

Mixology by Tiffany Nevers of Grano Arso, Foods by Chef Jennifer Magrey, Highclere Castle Gin- History and Conversation by Renee Lemieux

Join us on Friday January 17th at 6:30PM for a very special evening featuring cocktails and foods from Highclere Castle- the real Downton Abbey.  The Essex entrepreneur Adam von Gootkin has teamed up with Lord and Lady Carnarvon to produce the loveliest botanical gin!  Even people who I have had sample the gin, and aren't especially fond of gin, love it (confirmed in Departures Magazine). It's produced with botanicals from the estate's grounds including wild juniper, lavender planted by the 9th century Bishops of Winchester, and citrus from the Victorian-era orange grove.

Here are a few of the many articles that have come out in the recent months:  
Forbes- https://www.forbes.com/sites/jqlouise/2019/08/22/the-real-downton-abbey-is-now-producing-gin/#17b0882448ec
Fortune- https://fortune.com/2019/08/17/downton-abbey-highclere-castle-gin/
NPR- https://www.wnpr.org/post/connecticut-entrepreneurs-launch-gin-partnership-real-downton-abbey

Tiffany Nevers, beverage and special event manager of Grano Arso in Chester, will be doing the mixology. If you have ever been to Grano and had their signature cocktails.... wow!  Tiffany will be talking about gin, the history of gin (and what makes Highclere Gin so special) and recipes of the cocktails that we are featuring.  We will be doing some hands-on shaking and stirring of cocktails which is always a blast!  Tiffany has done a few amazing mixology classes with us- they are always really informative and of course delicious! 

Lady Carnarvon has published 2 wonderful cookbooks about foods from the Castle as seen in- Food and Wine Mag.  Our own Chef Jennifer Magrey will be making some nibbles from the cookbooks to keep you fed during our mixology event. She will share the recipes and how to prepare them.

Renee Lemieux and Regina von Gookin of Highclere Castle Gin will be telling us all about the history of the castle the gin, how it all came to be.. a peek into Highclere Castle is really like and many more entertaining stories! Rediscover the great gin classical cocktails and their history, served at Highclere Castle over the last 100 years. Complimentary samplings and foods based on recipes used at the Castle. We will shake, stir and pour the evening away.... 

Tiffany Nevers will show us how to mix up the following cocktails:

  • Classic Gin & Tonic, served “the Highclere Way”

  • The Noble- how Winston Churchill drank his gin at the castle

  • The Negroni- the infamous summer cocktail (and my favorite)

  • The White Lady- Lady Carnarvon’s favorite

  • French 75-  which Highclere has renamed their own, The British 75, typically served before dinners and at New Years!  

Chef Jennifer Magrey will feed us with some lovely foods made using English recipes from Lady Carnarvon’s NY Times Best Seller, “At Home at Highclere, Entertaining at the Real Downton Abbey”.

*** Guests will leave with a special gift courtesy of Highclere Castle Gin, :-)


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