3/27 Sourdough Bread Making Workshop with Terry Walters


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Sourdough Bread Making Workshop with Terry Walters

Tuesday 3/27- 5:00-10:00PM (NOTE EARLY TIME)

Cost: $85

I've wanted to take Terry's sourdough workshop since I met her. What is better than homemade bread?!?  My dad made bread when I was growing up and we would wait eagerly for it to come out of the oven and devour it!  My friend Donna makes and amazing loaf of crusty bread and we always fight about who will take home the last little bit....  So, Terry and I thought we would offer her very popular sourdough workshop in our Essex kitchen.  Yay!!! I tested my ovens and we are good to go!  Space is limited since we need generous space to work.  

This hands-on workshop will teach you everything you “knead” to know about starting your own artisan sourdough bread-making tradition. Together we’ll mix, knead, rest, rise…and of course, taste! You’ll learn the benefits of fermented, naturally-rising bread-making, as well as how to care for and use a natural starter. Each participant will make two sourdough breads to ferment and bake the next day, and will take home their own starter to be 100% ready to start baking wholesome, delicious breads!

*** This is a special class- we will not take gift certificates for this event.

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