2/5 Sushi Rolling and Sake Martini Class with Chef Ani


Sushi Rolling and Sake Martini Class 

Saturday February 5th, 6:30 to 10:00PM

Chef Ani Robaina of Ani's Table

Lets lighten up a winter night with a fun, informative, delicious & thirst quenching Sushi & Sake Martini cooking class!

After a brief over view of Sake and how to use it in our cocktail, we will learn all of the many pieces of a successful Sushi meal;

* chosing & making & seasoning  perfect Sushi rice - the most important part of any Sushi preparation

* working with Nori and making rolls, cutting them & displaying your beautiful work 

*how to chose and cut raw fish for different sushi preparations

* how to use cooked fish and seafood 

* vegetarian & vegan options

* the importance of a great soy, powdered wasabi & rice vinegar 

* making pickled sushi ginger at home 

* displaying, consuming &  proper sushi etiquette 


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