8/10 Super Foods!


Super Foods!

Saturday August 10th, 6:60 to 10:00PM

Chef Jeanine Kelly

There are certain foods that have such a nutritious profile that we call them super foods!  Are they a panacea to good health.... maybe or maybe not but they sure are ingredients that you should get more in your diet.  In this class Chef Jeanine will discuss these foods and why they are so good for you and how to deliciously incorporate more fruits, veggies and omega-3 fatty fish into your life!  


* Arugula peach salad with honey, basil vinaigrette

* Super guacamole with pomegranates and pumpkin seed siete chips 

* Mashed sweet potatoes with shaved, roasted brussels sprouts, and roasted seasoned chickpeas

* Pistachio crusted salmon

* Cherry almond crostada made with almond flour

* Dairy free mango lassi


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