3/25 Persian New Year- Welcome Spring Nowruz


Persian New Year- Welcome Spring!

Saturday March 25, 6:30 to 10:00PM

Nancy Kirkiles-Smith, Instructor & Maryam Elahi 

The arrival of spring is welcomed during the Persian New Year celebration of Nowruz. In Iran the vernal equinox has been celebrated for some 3,000 years with a myriad of traditions.  They set up a "haft-seen" which is a collection of items that symbolize a different hope for the new year.  There are 7 things that are always included...(1.) some kind of sprout or grass symbolizing renewal (2.) Dried fruit- for love (3.) Apples- for beauty and health (4.) Garlic- for medicine or self-care (5.) A sweet pudding- for weath and fertility (6.) Viegar- for patience and wisdom that comes with aging and (7.) Sumac- for the sunrise of a new day

In this class we will explore some classic Persian foods that are significant for Nowruz. Special guest Maryam Elahi will tell us about Iranian culture, the meaning of the celebration and the foods that we will prepare. This is going to be a fabulous class of learning and cooking something that we may never have thought to make before.  Exploring new spices and flavors!



Noodle Soup
Osh-e reshteh
Rice with Fresh Herbs & Fish
Sabzi polo ba mahi
Fresh Herb Kuku
Kuku-ye sabzi
Chickpea Cookies
BYOB (maybe a nice Shiraz)

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