Private Event for Dori


A simple Bistro Dinner

Saturday April 8th, 6:30 to 10:00PM

Nancy Kirkiles-Smith, Instructor

One of my favorite dishes that I make quite often is Sole Meunière- it's simple and looks like you slaved all day!  Pair it with a nice green salad with a mixed green salad with garlicky vinaigrette- if you have ever been to Paris and gone to a bistro- this is the simplest and most delicious salad- not pretentious but complementary.  We will also make my favorite potatoes dauphinois- super yummy! For a spot of color we will make some carrots with cream and herbs.  Finally, we will make a berry clafoutis a la Julia Child.


  • Salad verte, vinaigrette a l'ail
  • Sole Meuniere
  • Potatos dauphinois- traditional
  • Carrotes a la creme aux herbs
  • Berry Clafoutis a la Julia Child
  • BYOB

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